Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, New Problems

While I wish I could say the new year was greeted with smiles and open arms, it didn't entirely work out that way for me. During a team meeting with the development group I had helped establish with a friend of mine, I realized how unmotivated my partner actually was. I understand not everyone in the world who works on game design is going to be incredibly fond of it all of the time. Let's face it, it's hard. There are various skills to be learned and trials to be overcome. Yet while I had the attitude to approach these problems head on and teach myself what I needed to know, my partner has been approaching his work from a hobbyist standpoint. He only works on his project when he's feeling like it, only teaches himself how to do something when he feels he has the time and patience to do so. Not to say this isn't okay for some people, but I'm much more serious personally. I'm often focusing much of my free time towards study and practice of the skills I need to develop a full game.

My eventual goal is of course to be part of the game development industry professionally, but I know that will take quite a bit of time to achieve. There is much to be learned, and experience that needs to be gained. More importantly I'll need to have developed some actual games to reflect on my skill. This will probably take several years, but I'm of course prepared for that. Nothing worth having is obtained quickly and easily.

So with the new year on my doorstep, I look to the silver lining in my new challenge. I've learned a valuable lesson about choosing my partners more carefully in the future, and I get to form my own label to publish games under, and hopefully I'll be able to find like-minded individuals who I won't have to heavily compromise with when a plotline is pitched for a game. Yeah, wishful thinking on that last part, but a guy can hope right?